denimRugged, torn, faded or worn out…the fact remains the same. Denims

NEVER EVER goes out of fashion! I bet people of all ages will agree

with me but needless to say for us teenagers, denims are our lifelines

and its durability cannot be questioned. The hours we spend staring

at our wardrobes, wanting to pick the perfect outfit for college but

nothing seems to match or work out for us, we quietly give in to our

favourite denim jeans. We all know that deconstructed look jeans,

denim casual shirts, overalls, tie-dyed and peek-a-boo denim shorts

are creating a crazy frenzy among the college-going crowd.

The upcoming denim trend, which has found its way back from the

farmyards and countryside, is the famous denim OVERALLS or

DUNGAREES. However, though you don’t plan on digging up any

gardens or tending to the farm, let me tell you one can look classy

and chic with a plaid shirt or solid white t-shirt paired with

stunning wedges.

Let’s not forget the denim shirt that almost every girl carries off

beautifully to pull off the chic and yet I-don’t-care look seems to

be capturing eyes of boys too. So, you go gurrrlll!!!Pull off that

denim shirt coupled with any colour tank top with tight fitting

jeans and a tote bag and oh girl….see how many eyes falls upon


So I guess all I’m saying is that investing your money in a couple

of denim stuff won’t ever lead you wrong, in terms of fashion

trends cause its always going to be IN and never OUT.


Denim lover.



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